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- John & Lari

"The depth and breadth of Japanese food culture and ceramics we experienced was way beyond our expectations. What made it so special is the personal connections Prairie and Hanako have with all the chefs, artisans, and ceramicists we visited. Their passion about this unique culture was beautifully transmitted in rich detail, and we learned so much. We came back full of inspiration, and can’t imagine any way to make this trip better than it was. We’re so grateful to Prairie, Hanako, and their whole team for making this the trip of a lifetime."

"This was such an extraordinary adventure!"

- Melissa & Tom

“Prairie exceeded all expectations for us as a guide in Japan. She thoughtfully introduced us to experiences that left us with a feeling of appreciation and connection to Japanese culture in a way we couldn’t have experienced on our own.”

"With her unique perspective, open mindedness and curiosity"

- Michele

"I loved every minute of this beautifully curated tour. Upon my return home it now feels like a dream! Surpassing all expectations, this trip opened my eyes to Japan’s unique culture of food and ceramics. I loved meeting local artists, chefs and makers who shared their passion for tradition and innovation for what they do. Thank you, Prairie and Hanako, for making this once in a lifetime trip a truly inspiring and memorable experience. Now I cannot wait to return to Japan!"

"And the food… oh my… was all so extraordinary!"

- Evy

"We were truly lucky to benefit from Prairie's connections with makers, chefs, and pottery artists. Her gentle spirit and appreciation for Japanese culture opened doors that we would not have been able to see without her hard work. The dinners and trips to the various pottery studios are experiences of a lifetime."

"I am singing your praises"



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Coming 2021
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With my home in Mirukashi as our base, we'll plan seasonal meals, cook them together, plate them on the myriad of Nakazato wares we find on the shelves, and feast together. They'll be one or two outings to meet local growers or producers to better understand our ingredients and surroundings. 

mostly cooking, a lot of eating, and a little exploring

culinary immersion


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In November we will meet with local makers, chefs, food producers, and harvesters- think soy, sake, nori, modern ceramic artists, traditional potters and more. In May we explore Japan's art of hospitality through the lens of architecture, tea, flowers, and food.

The story of food and ceramics in Karatsu

hosted travel