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Coming 2020
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With my home in Mirukashi as our base, we'll plan seasonal meals, cook them together, plate them on the myriad of Nakazato wares we find on the shelves, and feast together. They'll be one or two outings to meet local growers or producers to better understand our ingredients. 

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In November we will meet with local makers, chefs, food producers, and harvesters- think soy, sake, nori, modern ceramic artists, traditional potters and more. In May we’ll explore the practices of arranging buds and branches, serving and receiving tea and sake, and plating food, setting the table, and sharing a meal.

The story of food and ceramics in Karatsu

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Follow along for a visual feast at the seasonal table and be the first to know about new adventures and workshops. #epicureanideals #mirukashi


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